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Open Gaze – Vol. 002

Welcome to the second edition of Open Gaze, a place in which we give you tremendous artists from all over the globe… from all walks of life, using all kinds of mediums. This time round we spoke to Borja González Hoyos, the creative illustrator and artist, based in Badajoz, Spain, who meshes together vibrant scenes with fascinating characters, in a wholly encapsulating way.

Borja-Illustrations 2015 2Borja-Concierto de Medianoche 4
















Borja, who’s artwork we’ve scattered and dotted around this article (which includes some exclusive and unpublished stuff just for ArtNois), focuses on telling compelling stories in far-away forests and fairy tale-esque lands, which illuminate the likes of creatures, princesses, warriors and monsters galore.

Borja-COMIC2 (Unpublished 2015)Borja - Punkgirls (Unpublished and unreleased 2015) (3)















Having been heavily influenced by movies, comics and the more decadent artists such as the Pre-Raphaelites and the romantics, Borja’s art draws upon many of these influences and his surroundings to create his own unique works, which he describes as “a mix of spirituality and stupid comedy”, or perhaps a way to make the world smile if you must.

Borja - Punkgirls (Unpublished and unreleased 2015) (5)Borja-Illustrations 2015 1















His art can be infinitely detailed or playfully simplistic, with completing and publishing a comic book due out next year, and exhibiting at Ilustrisima 2015 in Madrid very soon, we thought it would be a good time to show you some of the things Borja has been creating with different inks, pens and brushes.

Borja-COMIC (Unpublished 2015)
Borja-Girls and Epiphanies 3














Be it a damsel in distress or a bogus demon, Borja’s art is compelling, fun and doesn’t take life too seriously, and far from the monotony of conflict, his work injects life into each piece and provides accessible art for anyone old or young, tall or small.

Borja-Teresa 3

Borja-Wanda 1
















Having been busy this year, Borja’s next focus is on taking time to work on new independent art, and of course in
bringing his comedic touch to the world… if you want to keep up with what’s latest and greatest with Borja, check out his Facebook here.


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