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Open Gaze – Vol. 003

The word art is a nucleus for an abundance of different creative fields, here, there and everywhere, expression through art is ubiquitous and celebrated. Graffiti, arguably the biggest and most uncensored movement in art, is also one of the most colourful, and is currently in an effervescent and blooming point in its history, pacing just a few back, a once criminal activity shunned by law enforcement and communities, is now seeing a surge in popularity – due in no part to the efforts of the many, from New York to Bristol, Kuala Lumpur to Zagreb.


It seemed like it was yesterday that people were labelling graffiti artists as vandals and heathens! Maybe those people bit the bullet and downed so much room-temperature Carling they could no longer be comprehensible? Whatever the case, graffiti and street art has a deep and rich cultural heritage that brushes up and influences not only other art, but music, media, fashion and a whole host more, but with a history that goes way, way further than your yearly timehop.




So with the plethora of artists now emerging in a safer scene and creative world, what’s next? Enter Escapeva, one of the unsung heroes of the street art scene and beyond – he’s battered more dense objects with fluid substances than Taylor Swift’s exes ever could.




A talented artist in his own right and top notch gent, Eki works on all manner of impressive projects, and is one of the few that has the ability to change a dilapidated building or a tiny surface area… into a piece of art – so in between dabs of paint, sprays of the can and the flicker of pencils, ArtNois hit him up to showcase his work, which includes an exclusive piece commissioned for us.





His work embodies different techniques and visual stimulation, from eye-catching masked men and cartoon animals with humorous demeanors, to plays on a viewer’s surroundings that warp matter with surreal images – while some artists strike up the same tags and pieces monotonously; Escapeva expresses himself with different kinds of creativity and imagination.





Happy to be a part of such a colourful movement, Eki spoke briefly about his thoughts on street art… from his first experiences of trawling through magazines and spraying his first characters in the skate parks of Malaysia, to the present day off-the-wall scene we’re seeing now.




“Through technology, street art and graffiti has moved quite fast. Now with images going viral through social media, it’s connecting people and giving (us) more exposure.”

“The lines between legal and illegal will always be blurred, and everybody is doing their part, moving and shaping, from its roots and the people in the middle, to its different mediums, techniques and commercialisation, it’s going through an evolution if you will… it all adds to the beauty of it, something that can be aggressive at any time, and I like it like that.”


RodentControl 2016


Be it a run-down building, a commissioned artwork or a unique one-off exhibition, Escapeva uses a lot of passion and hard work in his art, he keeps his skills sharp and he dares to dream big… hinting at future projects, he managed to sneak in a few ideas to us, that we know will make waves, so keep your eye out as there is big things in store.

Connect with Escapeva, check out his Instagram


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